Who we are?

Our daughter, who is now 27 and a student at University of Evansville, Indiana, began this business with a bunch of girls to make money while in high school. Simply put, they were just a bunch of girls in a garage.

What we do and Where?

Her father and I, her grandmother and at least two support staff, screen print all kinds of apparel, bags, can coolers and miscellaneous things; in a couple of garages on our property. 

We do things in a timely manner, and we don't charge a fortune to do so.  We are on the corner of Nothing & Nowhere in a town with about 1,600 people here in the southernmost nipple of Illinois. 

What should you do?

​If you see a t-shirt on someone, take a good picture of it. If you find one on the Internet, screen capture it. We have a team of artists that help to recreate most anything you find. We do not violate copyright or trademarks. So if you see a cute Disney or Drake or Browning piece, let those companies do those for you.

We've met the attorneys for DreamWorks here in our little shop, and they mean business. We love most of our clients, but none are worth a $50,000 fine or the royalties said companies require. We'll help you in any way that we can.